IBIS & Cloud Accounting

Grounded in genuine paper based ledgers, with expert knowledge of how to deal with all transactions, you can be sure that Ibis is fluent in accounting solutions. It is our pleasure to offer the security of Cloud Accounting with SageOne, where Ibis can guide you, the client, to access your own data, safe in the knowledge that your figures are safe within the Cloud, with no requirement to do back ups. With guidance, you will be able to create reports, input data, pay invoices, run a trial balances, produce your own profit and loss accounts.

Some customers prefer less hands on, while retaining a genuine overview and Ibis will input data for you, pay purchases, raise sales invoices, pay taxes, VAT return, and run Payroll. Ibis will then produce a full set of End of Year Accounts and present these to the Inland Revenue.

Ibis can offer you any combination of Accounting support, depending on how much time and expertise you wish to invest in your business and how much you wish to leave with trusted accountants, while you tend to your own sales or investments.

The beauty of Cloud Accounting, means you can interrogate your accounts from any computer, tablet, phone with internet access – which gives you, the client, multi-user facilities.

Ibis are a Sage One Gold Partner

Accounting Service

Let us give you a free consultation without obligation, to determine likely costs.

An example: If Ibis was taking total responsibility for a small sole trader using cash accounting, costs could be between £30 - £40 per month + VAT

Payroll Bureau

Ibis will run your Payroll for your business offering exceptional introductory terms:

  • Free set up
  • £2 per payslip.
  • Includes year end P60s , P14, P11D
  • Plus RTI monthly returns
  • Input and output produced from and to email accounts